Confidentiality Policy:
Patient information is kept private and confidential.
Financial Policies:
We accept most insurances, including Medicare, Aetna, BC/BS, United and others. Please check with your insurer to determine if we are on your plan network or if you need a referral/authorization or call us.  It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary referral authorization prior your visit; otherwise, you may be responsible for all charges incurred at the time of the visit. 

Please note all co-pays, co-insurance, and/or deductibles are due at each visit. For your convenience, we accept cash, checks with valid identification, and debit and credit cards; including MC, VISA, AMEX and Discover and other Financing options ( CareCredit ) available. If you do not have insurance or we are not covered by your insurance plan, cash discounts may apply. Likewise, for all non-covered and/or cosmetic services provided, payment in full is due prior to or at the time of service.

Insurance Billing/Collections:
For insurance covered office visits / procedures:
After your visit, we bill your insurance company usually within one week of this visit. [We do need up-to-date patient contact and insurance information in order to do this (per your Patient Registration Form). It is your responsibility to provide us with this and to verify at each visit that current data we have on file is accurate. If this info is inaccurate at the time of our billing, you may be responsible for the entire amount of our charges.] NV State law mandates health insurance companies pay bills/claims within 30 days.

Your insurance company should allow our charges in full or pay us in full with respect to any agreed upon contracted rates. And provide you with an itemized account of such, called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) within 45 days of the service. If you do not receive an EOB and/or our bill is not paid in full (by 45 days), we politely ask that you please contact your insurance company for an explanation and request they pay us in full for these services; or contact us as needed at (702) 243-6400 or by fax at (702) 243-4913. If payment is sent to you instead, please forward payment to us and contact us as this payment is usually meant for us.

Secondary Insurances Policy:
We do not routinely bill secondary insurances. However, almost all Medicare secondary plans are automatically billed electronically after consideration by Medicare. As a courtesy if requested, we will bill your secondary insurance after we have received payment in full from you for the remaining balance. Secondary insurances often send payment to the patient.

For billing questions, please contact your insurer first for an explanation. Otherwise, contact our billing department:  by phone at (702) 243-6400. Please leave a detailed description, including patient name, insured, provider, service date and question or details of problem/concern. Also, please fax to us at (702) 243-4913 your EOB or other pertinent information.

For in-house (in-office) past due account collections questions, please contact our in-office billing/collections department at (702) 243-6400. Otherwise, direct 3rd party collection questions to our 3rd party contracted collections agency, via their provided phone number or address.

Other Policies:
Telephone Calls/Email: We encourage you to call with questions. Our ancillary staff is trained to answer most questions, but will forward to the doctors any calls requiring their attention. Urgent calls are generally answered immediately; while non-emergent calls are returned by days end or occasionally, the next work day.

Prescription Refills:
Prescription refills are handled during office hours per our telephone calls policy. Refills are not routinely filled on holidays, weekends, after-hours or if you have not been seen within 6 months. Current Nevada state law requires a consult every 6 months for any prescriptions. New medication requests (and certain other previously used medications) require an office visit / evaluation. We do not write prescriptions for medications outside our practice scope.

As your physician, we will evaluate, diagnosis, manage and treat you and your condition(s) with your informed consent; however, achievement and maintenance of good health is ultimately your choice and responsibility. Therefore, we expect you to follow our agreed upon directions, including completing recommended lab, x-ray and other tests, treatments/medications, and follow-up office visits and/or referrals. Failure to do so may have deleterious health effects.

If you experience any significant treatment side effects; if possible, discontinue most-likely causative agent/s and/or contact us at your earliest convenience or visit your nearest emergency room as needed. Generally, we notify you (within 2 weeks) of any abnormal test results requiring additional or modified intervention. We do not routinely notify you of normal or relatively unremarkable test results not requiring management change.  However, should you not receive notice, we ask that you return for follow-up if your condition(s) aren’t significantly improved within one (1) month after initial therapy or recurs anytime thereafter. Also, regardless, you may contact us for your results. Please allow ~10-14 days for routine test results. Dependent upon test type, availability of emergent test results varies. See telephone policy for further clarification.

Communications via the internet are not encrypted and are therefore not secure. Use of the internet or email is for your convenience only, and by using them, you assume the risk of unauthorized use and hold Robert B. Strimling, MD & Associates, its’ doctors/staff and affiliates, harmless from any hacking or other unauthorized use of your personal information by outside parties.


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