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Brian Caruso

My wife has been a patient of Dr Strimling’s for years and recommended I go see him for a consultation. I had a lump on my shoulder which is commonly called a fatty tumor. I was apprehensive to have it removed because it was right on the top of my shoulder. It slowly grew bigger and when it became the size of a golf ball, I took my wife’s advice and made an appointment with Dr Strimling. After filling out my new patient information I waited no longer than 10 minutes before being called in. That impressed me along with his very professional staff. He looked at it and suggested removing it. I said, do I need to reschedule and he said no I am going to take it off right now. Within 35 minutes it was removed, stitched and bandaged. I thought once the local wore off I would experience some pain. Not so! I never had any pain. I came back in two weeks and he removed the sutures. I was amazed to see that the incision was so clean and healed so well that it was hardly noticeable. While I was there he removed two small sun spots. I was extremely happy with Dr Strimling and his staff and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent Dermatologist. Brian C. May 2011

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