Luminous Skin Without Hair…..You Deserve It!

Sciton Broad Band Light (BBL) sets new standards for hair removal.
This gentle no downtime treatment is non-invasive, comfortable, efficacious,
and tailored just for you at Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute
of Summerlin, Las Vegas.

BBL BroadBand Light for permanent hair reduction (removal) is an innovative
light-based technology that utilizes pulses of light energy to gently penetrate
into the skin and specifically target, disable and destroy unwanted hair follicles,
via the deliverance of photothermal (light-based heat) energy.
Our physicians (Robert Strimling, MD & Lionel Handler, MD)
of Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Summerlin, Las Vegas
tailor the treatment to your skin and hair type for optimal results.

Hair grows in three stages; and the anagen (or hair growing) stage
is the most vulnerable to light or laser therapy (permanent hair removal).
BBL selectively heats and damages the hair follicle; thus, disabling hair growth.
Because not all hair is in the anagen phase at any one time,
multiple treatments must be given over time to treat all or most anagen hairs.
BBL can be used on any accessible body part.  Dark hairs respond best.
In-grown hairs or “shaving or razor bumps” (aka pseudofolliculitis barbae)
respond well to BBL or laser hair removal also.
Most skin types are excellent candidates, except for very dark skin types.
Recovery / downtime is minimal to none.
Some redness is normal for a few hours to days.

Precautions or contraindications are generally few, but include:

  • no suntan or sunburn (avoid sun tanning)
  • sun avoidance for at least 2 weeks prior BBL treatment and until any redness subsides after.

Suntan skin contains extra pigment that absorbs BBL energy intended for hair; and can also promote untoward side effects via excessive energy absorption
in the superficial skin layers.

Alternatives to Laser / light-based hair removal include:
Waxing, shaving and depilatory creams.
Electrolysis is another method of permanent hair reduction method.
However, it is very time-consuming, painful, and not without complications.
Presently, the most popular and effective permanent hair reduction method
is via laser or intense pulsed light, such as BBL,
which destroys many hairs at once in a brief visit with reduced side effects.

For more information about Laser / light-based hair removal, please visit,

For more info about Laser / light-based hair removal, please download
our BBL/Laser Hair Removal Instructions & Informed Consent form/handout.

At Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Summerlin, Las Vegas,
laser or light-based hair removal is performed (or supervised)
by our board certified Dermatologists, Drs. Strimling & Handler.
With over 30 years combined experience, our Drs. are among the
most experienced Cosmetic Laser Dermatologists in Las Vegas.
Voted or selected among “Best Dermatologists” in Las Vegas and America.
Dr. Strimling was also selected “Award Winning Cosmetic Surgeon” for 2011.

Contact Us at (702) 243-6400 to schedule a personalized consultation.

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Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Summerlin, Las Vegas
treats patients from all over the Clark County valley, including
Henderson, Green Valley, Anthem, North Las Vegas, Boulder City
as well as Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada and the rest of the southwest;
We have also seen patients from all over the country and world.

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