MiraDry for Excessive Underarm Sweating in Las Vegas

Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating without Surgery TODAY
at Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute in Las Vegas!
miraDry is a safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared no surgery
solution that stops excessive or bothersome underarm sweating.
miraDry also REDUCES underarm odor permanently.

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What is miraDry?

miraDry is a safe, in-office non-surgical procedure that works by delivering
electromagnetic energy to the underarms, eliminating underarm sweat glands.

Millions suffer from excessive underarm sweating (i.e. hyperhidrosis).
Frustrating, embarrassing, a nuisance, hyperhidrosis can be a daily struggle,
seriously impacting your quality of life.

Bothersome underarm sweat can cause anxiety and/or embarrassment at work,
in social settings and relationships, and frustration with ruined clothes
from sweat stains. Excessive or bothersome sweating may devastate
your emotional well-being and self-image, negatively affecting how you feel
about yourself and even how others perceive you. In a large consumer survey,
people said that excessive underarm sweat was more embarrassing to them
than being overweight, having acne, cold sores or dandruff.
If you are bothered by your underarm sweat, you’re not alone.
Bothersome underarm sweating is more common than you think.
In fact, 1 in 5 U.S. adults are bothered by their underarm sweat.

Taking care of bothersome underarm perspiration with FDA-approved miraDry
relieves the symptoms in a safe and effective manner.
The miraDry procedure for bothersome sweating is a non-invasive treatment,
meaning that there is minimal to no downtime following your service.

How is miraDry Performed?

During the procedure, the miraDry handpiece is applied directly on the underarm
by one of our trained providers. The system targets the sweat glands
and uses specialized microwave energy pulses to eliminate them.
Once the sweat glands are eliminated, they do not return.
This reduces the amount of sweat that is produced in the underarm region.
Although non-invasive (non-surgical), local anesthesia is used to minimize
any discomfort during the treatment. Most patients spend about one hour
in our office and resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

Click here for more on How miraDry works.

Am I a Good Candidate for miraDry?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions,
then the miraDry procedure may be right for you.

  • Are you bothered by your underarm sweat?
  • Would you rather not have to apply antiperspirant on a daily basis?
  • Would you like to wear white shirts and silk, but underarm sweat and antiperspirant stains your clothing?
  • Would you rather not have to think about unwanted underarm sweat
    in your daily routine?
The miraDry Results.
How many treatments does it take to see Results?

miraDry eliminates the underarm sweat glands, and the sweat glands
don’t grow back after treatment.

This results in a dramatic and lasting permanent reduction of underarm sweat.
In a clinical study, patients experienced an average of 82% reduction in underarm sweat.
You should notice a reduction in sweat immediately after treatment.
Two treatments spaced two to three months apart is recommended for best results.
As with any medical procedure, results may vary be person.

Click here to hear some patients success stories.

What to Expect from miraDry?
What is the recovery time after miraDry?

You should be able to return to normal activities or work right away,
and you can typically resume exercise within several days.
Icepacks are generally recommended for a few days afterward to reduce
any potential swelling or discomfort.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more questions.

Is miraDry Safe?

The miraDry system is FDA approved to treat excessive underarm sweating.
It is safer than other options, such as surgery, because it is non-invasive.
miraDry is also a long-lasting solution because sweat glands do no regenerate.
If you are looking for a long-term solution to an embarrassing problem that has impacted your life, then miraDry might be a viable treatment option for you.

For more info, download our MiraDry Patient Forms.
miraDry Procedure Overview Video

At Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Summerlin, Las Vegas,
miraDry is performed (or supervised) by our certified Dermatologists.
With over 30 years combined experience, our Dermatologists are among
the most experienced Dermatologists in Summerlin and Las Vegas.
Voted or selected among “Best Dermatologists” in Las Vegas and America.

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