PRP Facelift / Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift

PRP Facelifts (akin to the Vampire Facelift) utilize a two step process that starts with a hyaluronic acid-based filler followed by your own (autologous) platelet rich blood plasma to fill and stimulate your own natural collagen response.

Our Dr. Strimling’s ReNu PRP Facelift is the next advancement in PRP Facelifts. Customized to your needs and desires, our ReNu PRP Facelift may include up to 4 steps or more, including:
Step 1. Injectable, deep dermal / subcutaneous, collagen stimulating Radiesse or similar,
Step 2. More superficial hyaluronic acid-based injectable fillers,
Step 3. Platelet Rich Plasma injections with or without adjunct topically applied PRP after skin needling,
Step 4. Other adjunct procedures – e.g. Botox, Kybella or Ulthera, if recommended.

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