INTRAcel Radiofrequency (RF) Micro-Needling
Micro-Needling with RF in Las Vegas

Safe for all skin types, INTRAcel RF Microneedling treats scars, acne and acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, large pores and other skin irregularities and tightens and resurfaces skin with little to no downtime.

Intracel RF Micro-needling uses miniscule, insulated micro-needles to tighten skin, pores, resurface; reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging; and fade scars and stretch marks.

Unlike surgery an many other laser procedures, the tiny, insulated micro-needles protect the surface of the skin from heat damage, resulting in little or no healing downtime. RF micro-needle treatments target variable depths below the skin’s surface, leaving healthy skin undamaged.

Intracel is a cutting edge, proven technology that will improve your skin texture. RF micro-needling (aka fractional RF microneedling) also addresses typical signs of aging like sagging, fine lines and deeper wrinkles by tightening the skin. RF micro-needling is also incredibly effective for acne and acne scars.

Intracel RF Micro-needling technology is renowned for excellent results, comfort and easy aftercare. Patients are able to resume daily life immediately and full recovery occurs within several days of treatment.

1 to 3 treatment sessions or more are usually recommended.

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