Laser Tattoo Removal Las Vegas

Remove or fade your tattoo/s without scarring or objectionable discomfort at Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Las Vegas; providers of state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal in Las Vegas, NV.

Laser Tattoo Removal before 1-1

Laser Tattoo Removal before

Laser Tattoo Removal after 1-1

Laser Tattoo Removal after 1-1 (Scarless Removal)

For Las Vegas laser tattoo removal, we use the best-in-class multi wavelength Lutronic Spectra VRM Q-switched 1064 / 650 / 585 & 532 nm Nd:YAG Laser. This 4 wavelength laser permits safe and effective treatment of all tattoo colors at our Las Vegas laser tattoo removal center / clinic.

See more laser tattoo removal before and after photos (and other treatment application photos of our Lutronic Spectra Laser).

Lutronic Spectra VRM Laser Tattoo Removal Video

Laser tattoo removal in Las Vegas by Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein is effective, painless, safe, affordable and convenient / fast. Incredibly, Q-switched laser tattoo removal is the only tattoo removal method capable of erasing tattoo(s) without visible or objectionable scarring. Q-switched lasers utilize the ideal parameters for scarless tattoo removal. Laser energy, directed at the tattoo for a fraction of a second, passes harmlessly through your skin and targets the tattoo ink. The laser energy fragments the tattoo ink into many, much smaller particles, which your immune system absorbs, removes and breaks down naturally.

In this Spectra Tattoo Removal Laser Balloon Pop Video Demo, you will see a Spectra VRM laser pop an inflated red colored balloon located within a larger clear / white colored balloon and also, selectively removed black ink from white paper; thus simulating how a tattoo is selectively targeted within your skin.

Alternative removal methods include dermabrasion/salabrasion, chemical peels, other laser and laser-like devices and topical acid-based creams; all of which are less effective and cause scarring. On occasion, excision of your tattoo may be recommended instead of laser tattoo removal in Las Vegas by our dermatologists.

After your first treatment, expect pinpoint bleeding and/or a white debris that fades to red before gradually healing to normal over about 5-10 days. You may notice some fading of your tattoo at this point, but typically fading is a gradual, slow, variable process that requires 6-8 weeks or more. Sometimes, several treatments are required until visible fading is apparent. Repeat treatments at 6-8 week intervals cause less pinpoint bleeding or none, accompanied by additional, yet gradual, slow, variable tattoo fading.

Laser tattoo removal may cause minimal discomfort during the treatment. However, any tolerable discomfort experienced during your treatment
typically abates quickly after the laser treatment is finished. Most treatments can be accomplished within 15-20 minutes. Numbing cream and/or injectable local anesthesia is available, if needed. In summary, we can make your laser tattoo removal experience entirely pain-free for your comfort.

Also, when considering laser tattoo removal in Las Vegas or anywhere, multiple treatments (3-12 or more) are required for satisfactory removal. However, fewer treatments may be needed for fading to allow re-tattooing. Many known and unknown factors affect the number of treatments required. Usually, amateur tattoos require 3-8 or more treatments; while professional tattoos may require 6-12 or more. (Professional tattoos usually contain more, heavier and deeper ink.) The more, the heavier and the deeper the ink, the more treatments needed. Re-tattooed or layered tattoos contain more ink and require more treatments. Darker skin types and multiple colored tattoos require more treatments. An intact, functioning immune system is necessary and thus, affects removal. Tattoos located on distal extremities may require more treatments.

Blues, blacks, browns and related darker colors are more easily removed. Oranges and reds usually respond well also. Our 585 nm dye handpiece treats resistant yellow and sky blue colors. And our 650 nm dye handpiece treats resistant green colors. Certain colors, including some shades of purples, pinks, yellow and white may not respond well or may not be completely removable. Many light (skin colored) or pink to red colored permanent makeup inks have metallic bases that oxidize with laser contact and paradoxically darken and are therefore best avoided, especially if on one’s face. Oxidized (darkened) permanent makeup ink particles may be difficult to remove. So, a red lip liner can turn black with the first laser treatment. However, a small test spot may be tried first to determine tissue response. Tattooed eye liner is too close to the eyes to be safely removed. Permanent eyebrow ink may migrate up the forehead causing a shadow effect after laser treatment, and therefore, may be better treated by excision removal.

Also, some tattoos do not respond as anticipated and will not completely fade. Sometimes, a removed tattoo reveals previously hidden underlying scarring related to the original tattooing process.

If planning laser tattoo removal in Las Vegas or anywhere, minimize sun exposure (or wear SPF 30 sunblock) to the area/s to be treated for 2 weeks before, during and after the entire treatment course until satisfactorily removed or faded. Excessive sun exposure (including sunburn or suntan) can promote side effects and block the effectiveness of the laser tattoo removal treatment process. Remove any topically applied suntan products by exfoliation prior treatment. Avoid aspirin containing medications and Alleve for one week before treatment, and avoid Motrin and ibuprofen for 3 days before treatment, if possible. You may resume most activities soon after treatment, provided you ensure the treated area(s) are not traumatized, rubbed or scratched. Follow our recommended laser tattoo removal instructions (downloadable below) for best results.

Otherwise few contraindications exist; including, but not limited to:

  • active or chronic infectious diseases (i.e. HIV+ / AIDS, Hepatitis),
  • active skin infection or disease at or near the treatment site/s,
  • conditions / disease states that may promote infections or poor healing,
  • Accutane use within the last 6-12 months, pregnancy or nursing.

At our Las Vegas laser tattoo removal clinic / center, all patient skin types are candidates, however, very dark skin type patients may require a test spot first to evaluate tissue response.

Price quotes are by appointment, but range from $200 and up per treatment. Visit our Laser Tattoo Removal Prices page for our square inch pricing, package pricing and more information about our tattoo removal charge policies.

Treatments are recommended every 6-8 weeks until satifactory clearance or failure to further improve after several or more treatments. 6-8 weeks is the minimal required time for your body’s immune system to absorb and destroy the fractured tattoo ink particles after laser treatment. Too frequent treatment does not allow enough time for this process.

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If you are planning Laser Tattoo Removal in Las Vegas with us, or, for more detailed information, or aftercare, please download our:
Laser Tattoo Removal Info, Instructions & Informed Consent forms

We are the Laser Tattoo Removal Experts in Las Vegas.

Dr. Strimling has been performing q-switched laser tattoo removal since 1992 and collectively our doctors have over 40 years experience in laser tattoo removal. To our knowledge, no other Las Vegas physicians or providers of tattoo removal have our collective years of experience in laser tattoo removal.

We are now using our 3rd generation of q-switched tattoo removal lasers. Our newest tattoo removal laser, the Lutronic Spectra VRM is the gold standard
in laser tattoo removal in Las Vegas, Nevada or anywhere. Our equipment is the most powerful Q-switched tattoo removal laser to date which means you get the Best Results in the Fewest Treatments, as opposed to other / older lasers. We have 4 different laser wavelengths that allow us to treat all ink colors. Alternative lasers, Cynosure / Con-Bio’s MedLite and/or RevLite lasers, are not as powerful as our Lutronic Spectra VRM laser tattoo removal. Lutronic’s Spectra VRM lasers contains dual (double) laser cavities versus Cynosure’s Medlite & Revlite lasers which contain a single laser cavity. Accordingly, Cynosure lasers require two synchronized laser pulses to equal the power / energy produced by a single Spectra VRM laser pulse. Also, Cynosure delivers that equivalent energy over a wider pulse duration of up to 20 ns versus the shorter 5 ns pulse duration with our Spectra VRM; which means better results, in fewer treatments with less collateral heat damage to surrounding tissues and thus, less risk of scarring with our Spectra VRM. Likewise, the Candela Alex-TriVantage tattoo removal laser is not as powerful, nor as versatile, as it contains only 3 wavelengths to different tattoo colors. Lutronic Spectra VRM’s spot size is nearly 50% larger than Candela’s. And it’s pulse firing capability is double that of Candela’s TriVantage. Candela may argue that it’s fiberoptic delivery system is easier to maneuver than articulated delivery systems of other systems; however, this is a matter of personal preference and does not affect results. Although these other lasers are adequate treatment devices, our more powerful, versatile and faster Lutronic Spectra VRM laser makes for more effective, faster and more comfortable laser tattoo removal. Lutronic Spectra VRM is the GOLD STANDARD in Q-switched laser tattoo removal.

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Pigmented Lesion Removal, Melasma & Other Indications
Treatable with our Spectra VRM Laser in Las Vegas

Our Spectra VRM laser is also the gold standard for precise removal of a variety of epidermal or dermal pigmented (i.e. tan to brown) lesions with minimal to no discomfort. Epidermal (i.e. superficial skin) lesions include freckles, lentigines (lentigos), flat benign keratoses, café au lait macules and nevus spilus. Dermal (i.e. deeper skin) lesions include blue nevi, nevus of Ito & Ota, and acquired nevus of Ota-like macules (aka ABNOM / Hori’s nevus).

Melasma and post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) are conditions characterized by varying degrees of both epidermal and dermal pigmentation. Although most PIH usually responds well to prescription strength topical skincare, melasma, on the other hand, is particularly difficult and prone to recur. Now however Laser Toning (& Soft Peels) with our Spectra VRM laser is the laser of choice for treating melasma along with topical skincare. Painless, effective, no downtime Laser Toning (& Soft Peels) achieve satisfactory improvement or remission in most patients.

Spectra Laser Peel is an effective, no downtime, relatively novel skin rejuvenation laser peel exclusive to our Lutronic Spectra VRM laser. Spectra laser peel addresses skin rejuvenation / photoaging / fine lines, dyschromias (unwanted red and brown discolorations), acne and acne scars. Spectra peel also improves enlarged pores and lightens unwanted dark hairs.

The 532 Epidermal Peel is another Spectra laser skin rejuvenation procedure. This laser peel is slightly more aggressive than the Spectra peel,
requiring up to a few days of painless healing or more. The 532 Epidermal Peel is contraindicated in skin types 3-6. However, lighter skin types 1 & 2 are appropriate candidates. Indications include rosacea, any abnormal or unwanted epideraml pigmentation and cutaneous photoaging, in general.

Select 532 Epidermal Face Peel Video to see a video demonstration.

Our Lutronic Spectra VRM laser can also be used to treat onychomycosis (i.e. nail fungal infections) using the quasi-long pulse duration Spectra mode.

At Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Summerlin, Las Vegas, Laser Tattoo & Pigmented Lesion Removal, Spectra Laser Peels, Laser Toning & Soft Peels, 532 Epidermal Peels and Onychomycosis treatments are performed by board certified Dr. Robert Strimling, MD or one of our personally trained and licensed laser aestheticians / technicians. With over 20 years experience, our Dr. Strimling is one of the most experienced Cosmetic Laser Dermatologists in Las Vegas.
Our dermatologists have been voted or selected among the “Best Dermatologists” in Las Vegas and America multiple years. Also, our Dr. Strimling has been selected an “Award Winning Cosmetic Surgeon” multiple years.

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Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Summerlin, Las Vegas treats patients from all over the Clark County valley, including Henderson, Green Valley, Anthem, North Las Vegas, Boulder City as well as Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada and the rest of the southwest. We have also seen patients from all over the country and world.

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