Erase or reduce your Cosmetic or Aging concerns
with our SCITON JOULE,
the most advanced and sophisticated multi-platform
Cosmetic Laser & Light technology available.

Our Sciton Joule multi-platform laser includes a tunable/adjustable 2940 nm Erbium Yag laser.

MicroLaserPeels, medium to deep Laser Skin Resurfacing and/or Fractional Laser Resurfacing (Profractional-XC) can be performed and everything in between with this laser module.

MicroLaserPeels (aka “Weekend Peels”) improve:

  • sun damage spots,
  • fine lines & wrinkles,
  • skin tone, texture and pores
  • and tighten.

Fractional Resurfacing (Profractional-XC) may be used in combination with MicroLaserPeels or alone to improve all of the above plus:

  • deeper lines & wrinkles,
  • acne and other scars
  • and stretch marks (stria).

Safe & effective for all ages, body areas and skin types, ask our Doctors if laser resurfacing may be right for you. (Erbium resurfacing options require 3-5 days of healing or more and one to several treatments.)

Our Sciton Joule also contains an Intense Pulsed Light [aka Broad Band Light (BBL)] module.

Various BBL filters (settings) allow us to treat the following conditions:

  • Acne (with Blue Light and other filters)
  • Pigmented lesions (Brown spots)
  • Vascular lesions (Red spots)
  • Permanent Hair Removal
  • Photofacials (improve brown, red spots, veins, lines / wrinkles & pores)
  • Skin / soft tissue tightening (with SkinTyte) (akin to Thermage® & Titan™)
    • including No-surgery facelifts, necklifts, forehead-/browlifts by SkinTyte
    • and “tummy tucks” by SkinTyte

BBL and SkinTyte are effective, NO DOWN-TIME procedures that usually require a series of treatments and may require periodic maintenance treatments.

Combining Laser procedures during one treatment session is safe, often recommended and provides much more dramatic results than the sum of each procedure done individually.

Combination Laser techniques include:

  • BBL and MicroLaserPeel (aka South Beach Peel)
  • SkinTyte, BBL & MicroLaserPeel (Treo-Lift)
  • SkinTyte, MicroLaserPeel & Profractional-XC (Treo-Peel)

Other Lasers / Light-based Devices we use:

FeatherTouch / SilkTouch CO2 Resurfacing Laser
For Wrinkles, Tissue tightening, Sun damage, Sun/age spots, Freckles, Scars, Pre-cancers (Actinic Keratoses), and other growths / conditions.

Pharos Ex-308 Excimer Laser
For light responsive Dermatoses, e.g. Psoriasis, Eczema and Vitiligo

Lutronic Spectra VRM Q-switched 1064 / 650 / 585 & 532 nm Nd:YAG Laser
For Tattoo and Pigment (Brown Spots) Removal and Skin Rejuvenation. We can treat all tattoo ink colors with this best-in-class multi-wavelength laser.
Soft Peel & Laser Toning (exclusive to our Spectra VRM laser) provide the best in laser therapy for melasma and post-inflammatory pigmentation.
Spectra Peel (also exclusive to our Spectra VRM laser) is a safe, effective, minimal down-time laser skin rejuvenation procedure for improving wrinkles (fine lines), dyschromias (red & brown discolorations), skin texture, acne and acne scars and enlarged pores. Spectra Peel is the gold standard laser therapy for enlarged pores. Spectra VRM’s 532 Epidermal Peel is yet another skin rejuvenation option.

Toenail fungus (i.e. Onychomycosis) can also be treated with our Spectra VRM.

Lutronic Clarity dual 755 nm and 1064 Nd:YAG Laser
For safe, effective, permanent Laser Hair Removal in all skin types. We can also treat facial telangiectasias (small dilated / prominent blood vessels), leg veins and various types of pigmented (brown) skin lesions / spots. Wrinkles (skin rejuvenation) can be improved using the 1064 Nd:YAG laser.

Blu-U Blue Light Therapy for Acne and (Levulan) Photodynamic Therapy for Actinic Keratoses, Photodamage and Acne and more.

Non-Laser Energy-based Devices we use:

Exilis Unipolar Radiofrequency Device (non-invasive liposuction alternative)
Although not technically a laser, Exilis Elite tightens skin like SkinTyte but also, painlessly and non-invasively liquefies (i.e. melts) fat when used for body and extremity shaping or sculpting. Face and neck tightening can be achieved in a tightening only mode. Exilis Elite is a safe, effective, no downtime procedure.

Ultherapy is the newest, non-surgical, non-invasive procedure for tightening the tissues of the face, neck, chest and other areas. Also, Ultherapy is the ONLY non-invasive procedure cleared by the FDA to “LIFT” the skin in the face (brow, chin) and neck. Ultherapy in Las Vegas is STATE-OF-THE-ART and the present gold standard, most effective non-surgical skin lifting & tightening procedure.

miraDry is a safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared non surgical solution that stops excessive or bothersome underarm sweating and odor. miraDry delivers electromagnetic energy to the underarms, reducing underarm sweat glands by over 80% within 1 to 2 treatments. These results are typical, however, individual results are not guaranteed.

Before undergoing any cosmetic or laser skin treatment, your skin should be examined for skin cancer (and pre-cancers) by a board certified Dermatologist; since delayed diagnosis or treatment of skin cancer may have functional, cosmetic and/or health ramifications.

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