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Kybella is Now Available in Las Vegas

By admin 11.23.15 (10) Comments Category: Blog, Liposuction

Kybella under chin / neck fat dissolving injections are available
in Las Vegas at Strimling Dermatology Laser & Vein Institute.

Treatments performed by 20 year dermatologist, Dr. Strimling.

Please visit our Kybella webpage for more information about Kybella.

Contact us at info@strimderm.com or 702-243-6400 for a Kybella consult.

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Coming to vegas in march 2017, interested in pricing for Ulttherapy full face vs below eyes to lower face/included jowels & jawline.
thank you for your time.


Thanks for your Ultherapy inquiry. Ultherapy is currently the best non-surgical facial / neck lifting / tightening procedure available. We will contact you directly to answer your questions. Again, thank you for your inquiry.


Interested in your Kybella treatment and cost, and if and under what circumstances is it covered inder insurance.


Hi, Kybella currently costs $600 per vial and is not covered by insurance. Discounts may apply for multiple vials and or sessions. If you maybe interested and would like to schedule a consult and or treatment, please contact us at info@strimderm.com or 702-236-6428. Thanks so much for your inquiry.


What kind of insurance do you all except?


Hi. We accept most insurances, except for some HMOs. Please contact our office directly at info@strimderm.com or 702-243-6400 to find out if we accept your insurance and / or our most up to date list of accepted insurances. Thanks.

Eliza Barlow

Hi. I am interested in your KY Bella treatments. I’d like more info…pricing etc. Thank you.


Please contact our office at info@strimderm.com or 702-243-6400 for up to date pricing. Thanks.

Erika rose

Standard fat injection cost


Hi, thanks for your inquiry about Kybella pricing. Kybella is a safe, effective, long-lasting, non-invasive cure for unwanted fatty deposits. Please contact directly at info@strimderm.com or 702-243-6400 for current pricing. Again, thanks.

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