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New Laser Tattoo Removal Method in Las Vegas

By admin 2.12.12 (12) Comments Category: Blog, Hair & Tattoo Removal

New Laser Tattoo Removal Method in Las Vegas

A novel, faster / quicker laser tattoo removal method has recently
been described and published in the February, 2012 issue
of the prestigious Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD).

This new protocol, called the R20 method by it’s authors is truely innovative.
Q-switched lasers continue to be the gold standard in scarless tattoo removal.
Although scarless tattoo removal has been available since the early 1990’s
and advancements in q-switched lasers have created stronger, faster lasers
with additional wavelengths for more effective treatment of a greater variety of colors,
treatment protocols have not changed much since this time.

Traditional laser tattoo removal requires mutliple treatments at 6-10 week intervals
until satisfactory clearance is achieved.
The R20 method includes 3 or 4 treatments 20 minutes apart on the same day.
After 3 months, clearance was significantly better than with one treatment.
Some patients achieved near complete to satisfactory clearance with one session.
No patients had any adverse side effects, such as scarring.
Otherwise, healing was similar to the traditional interval treatment protocol.
Repeat treatments maybe repeated in 3 months with the R20 method, if needed.

For more information about the R20 method and to see photos,
select here to view the article abstract.

If you have an unwanted tattoo and are interested in trying the R20 method to remove
your tattoo in one or maybe, several sessions, please contact us at (702) 243-6400

Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Las Vegas offers state-of-the art
laser tattoo removal in Las Vegas with the most powerful
and effective tattoo removal laser, our Lutronic Spectra VRM laser.
At Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Summerlin, Las Vegas,
Laser Tattoo Removal treatments are performed by our board certified
Dr. Robert Strimling, MD, or one of our personally trained and licensed laser specialists.
With nearly 20 years experience, our Dr. Strimling is one of the
most experienced Cosmetic Laser Dermatologists in Las Vegas.
Voted or selected among “Best Dermatologists” in Las Vegas and America.
Also, selected “Award Winning Cosmetic Surgeon” for 2011.

For the best and fastest and most affordable laser tattoo removal in Las Vegas,

Contact Us at (702) 243-6400

to schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Strimling or one of our laser specialists
of Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Summerlin, Las Vegas.

Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Summerlin, Las Vegas
treats patients from all over the Clark County valley, including
Henderson, Green Valley, Anthem, North Las Vegas, Boulder City
as well as Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada and the rest of the southwest;
We have also seen patients from all over the country and world.

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Erika Jane

hi, i just wanted to know how much the R20 removal treatment would cost for a tattoo the size of a us quarter?


$400 for one R20 session. An R20 session consists of 3 treatments separated by about 20-30 minutes on the same day. Thanks for asking.

linda gallegos

was interested in having a tattoo removed and was curious on pricing


Our Laser Tattoo Removal Prices in Las Vegas
At Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute,

Your trusted source for expert laser tattoo removal in Las Vegas.

Tattoo Size (in square inches) & Price ($) per treatment

Up to 6 in2 (~ 2” x 3”) is $200 per treatment
> 6 in2 to 12.5 in2 is $250 per treatment
> 12.5 in2 to 25 in2 is $300 per treatment
> 25 in2 to 50 in2 is $350 per treatment
> 50 in2 to 75 in2 is $400 per treatment
> 75 in2 to 100 in2 is $450 per treatment
> 100 in2* is By Appointment
Prescription numbing cream is available for an extra $20 per tattoo treatment.

To determine your tattoo’s square inch size; (using a flexible tape measure),
measure the largest length and width of your tattoo in inches
and multiple these two numbers together to get the total square inch size.

A square inch is about the size of a postage stamp.
2″ x 3″ is about the size of a business card.

Discounts for pre-purchased packages of treatments.
5% discount for package of 3 treatments.
10% discount for package of 6 treatments.
20% discount for package of 10 treatments.

Package pricing is not transferable nor refundable.

OUR LOW PRICE GUARANTEE. We have the BEST prices in Las Vegas!
We will beat or match any legitimate, verifiable written or verbal price quote
from an equivalent, qualified competitor.

REFERRAL SPECIAL. For every friend you refer who signs up for one of our tattoo removal packages, you will get a $20 credit toward your next treatment. Please use our referral cards available at our checkout.

*For a full back or sleeved extremity, we will do no more than half
the circumferential extremity or back per treatment,
as there may be too much swelling and related side effects if we do more.
The other half may be scheduled a minimum of two weeks later.

Laser Tattoo Removal Consultations are complimentary.
An exact quote will be given during your consultation.
Call us today at (702) 243-6400 schedule your complimentary consultation.
All major credit cards accepted. Financing with CareCredit available.
*Treatment No Shows or Same day Cancellations will be charged $25.


I’m interested in the R20 laser tattoo removal method, however, I’m having a difficult time finding a doctor in Ohio (only ones who do the traditional method)…any suggestions?


Maybe the Cleveland Clinic?

Remove a Tattoo

The information given above is very interesting and informative as well.Thanks for sharing.
Laser Tattoo Removal<

Emy Gong

Dear Doctor S,

Could you please tell ,me how much would it cost to remove 1″ tattoo in the hand?

Thank you.



$200 per treatment. Several or more treatments are usual. Please refer to our website pages on tattoo removal for more detailed information.

We also offer the R20 laser tattoo removal method, which costs $400 for a 3 treatment session in a single day. A single R20 session of 3 treatments may be enough to completely remove a small, dark tattoo. We offer complimentary consultations with one of our laser aestheticians. Thanks for inquiring.

Michelle Qualls

Very exciting to see someone using the new r20 method. We offer tattoo removal in Billings, MT and are eager to give it a try. Can you tell me if you’ve adjusted your pricing, or how you will address the revenue issue?
Many thanks,
Michelle Qualls
Practice Manager


We charge our usual cost for 3 laser tattoo treatments minus 10%.

Recently, we ran a time sensitive special – Buy 2 and get the 3rd laser treatment FREE with respect to R20. So, the first R20 laser session will cost our usual price for 2 treatments.

Good luck.

Tattoo Removal -Virginia

Informative Post!

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