Why should I choose Strimling Dermatology,
Cosmetic Laser & Vein Institute as my skin care provider?

Founded in 1996 by board certified Dermatologist and Mohs/Laser/Cosmetic Surgery fellow trained Robert Strimling, MD, our practice combines a highly educated and experienced medical professional and support staff that continually strives to provide you with the highest quality care possible in a safe, friendly and caring environment.

Dr. Strimling and his partners are not only experts in Dermatology, Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery and Aesthetic / Cosmetic / Laser Dermatology with over 20 years experience each, but also are the kind of doctors that you can talk to and who will listen to your concerns. Never in a rush, compassionate, friendly and helpful, our providers want to help you feel and look your best.
Please look at our testimonials of hundreds of satisfied patients.

Our Institute evaluates and treats the full range of dermatologic conditions, including SKIN, HAIR, NAIL, and VEIN problems, as well as cosmetic / age-related concerns.

We utilize the most advanced and up-to-date therapeutic technologies, including multiple laser platforms to treat the wide variety of dermatologic and cosmetic problems we encounter.

We sincerely thank you for choosing us as your skin care, laser and cosmetic provider.

Our practice has grown through your support via referrals of family and friends and again, we sincerely thank you.

Where are you located?
What are your office hours?
And how do I make an appointment?
How should I prepare for my office visit?
And what should I expect?

Please download, print and complete our three (3) new patient forms and bring these with you to your visit. If you have not brought your completed forms with you, expect some additional time for completing these forms. Be prepared to answer questions about your health history, including all current medications and allergies. Please arrive 15 minutes prior your scheduled appointment time to allow for your new chart creation. Expect to wait no more than 15-20 minutes in the waiting room and an equal time in an exam/treatment room for the doctor. On occasion, the doctor may be running later than usual due to an emergency or other unusual or unforeseen problem. Our staff will keep you apprised. Magazines, practice information, and video or TV are available. We politely ask for your patience as all patients are given the time they need.

For general Dermatologic visits, we recommend complete skin exams for all new patients and at periodic intervals. However, you may decline this; tailoring your visit to your desires. Nonetheless, please remove or do not wear make-up to your visit to facilitate your exam. Avoid excessive jewelry, as well; especially prior any procedural visits. Also, please wear clothing that facilitates your anticipated evaluation / exam and/or treatment. Please turn off cell phones/mobile devices in exam rooms and otherwise, use cell phone etiquette in public waiting areas.

Food (including gum) and drink, other than water are not allowed anywhere in the office for cleanliness reasons. If unavoidable, please consume any food or drink in the common area hallways, outside of our office.

Most minor procedures are performed at your initial visit (if permitted by your insurer) after your informed consent. Major procedures are often scheduled at a later date. If you anticipate having a minor or major procedure, we ask that you avoid the following medications that promote bleeding/bruising prior your visit. If prescribed by another doctor, we recommend that you ask your prescribing doctor for such permission. Avoid aspirin and aspirin containing medications for at least one week (and preferably two weeks prior any procedure/s. Avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (e.g. Advil, Motrin, ibuprofen, etc.) for 3 days prior procedure/s. Avoid Plavix for one week prior and Coumadin for 2-3 days prior procedure/s. Avoid fish oil / Vitamin E for 2 weeks prior procedure/s, if possible. Again, obtain permission first from your prescribing doctor, especially before discontinuing Plavix and/or Coumadin. Otherwise, continue all other medications. Medications can be restarted the day following procedure/s.

Most specimens removed are pathologically analyzed by us; incurring a separate charge distinct from your visit/procedure. Most labs, pathologies, etc. require up to 2 weeks for results. Our policy is to notify you as needed and at your following visit. You will be given detailed instructions relating to all diagnoses, work-ups and treatments, including prognosis and follow-up. Visit and procedure times vary according to problems / treatments. For specific procedures/treatments information and/or instructions, please refer to specific Patient & Instruction Forms under Patient Information.

After your visit/treatment, you will proceed to our “check-out” area. Any recommended products / medications that may be purchased directly from us at your option and for your convenience will be further explained at check-out. Payment for your visit / procedure/s is expected at this time, per our financial policies, and any follow-up will be scheduled.

What is a Dermatologist?
And what does a Dermatologist do?
Why choose a board certified Dermatologist?
When should I visit a board certified Dermatologist?

If you are having any type of skin, hair, nail or cosmetic problem / concern, you should consult a Dermatologist. Dermatologists possess the highest level of education, training, knowledge and skill in diagnosing and treating these conditions.

Why should I choose a fellowship-trained Mohs Surgeon
for removal of my skin cancer?

Dr. Strimling is a board certified Dermatologist 3x since 1995 and most recently re-certified in 2015 with a perfect score of 100% on his recertification boards in dermatologic surgery. Dr. Strimling is also a fellowship trained Mohs Surgeon, completing his fellowship at Boston University in 1996. Learn more about the Mohs College Difference.

What cosmetic procedures / services are offered at Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute?
Why choose a Dermatologic Surgeon to administer my cosmetic or laser procedure/s?
What general Dermatologic conditions does Striming Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute evaluate and treat?
Does insurance cover evaluation and/or treatment received at a Dermatologist’s office?

Insurance coverage varies, however, most insurances cover general dermatologic evaluation, medications and procedures; subject to any co-pay, co-insurance and/or deductible you may have, which are due at the time of service.

Non-covered and cosmetic conditions, treatments, procedures are not covered and payable before or at the time of service.

What methods of payment do you accept?

All forms of cash or cash equivalents, checks with proper identification/verification, credit and debit cards, including MC, VISA, AMEX and Discover; and convenient monthly payment plans currently available through CareCredit or alternatives.

What are your financial / practice policies?
Do you offer any patient financing?

Yes, including 0% financing options – see CareCredit.

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