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The results are ieibndcrle but please keep in mind that the treatment can only remove current sun damage, and does not prevent future sun spots from occurring. If you are prone to freckling and sun spots, after the treatment you would have to be extremely diligent about sunscreen application so as to not find yourself back in a similar situation. You can go to to find local providers, in the right hands the treatment results truly are amazing.

Lisa Barrera

What is the cost for a BBL treatment?


Lisa, our current special for BBL to your face is $250 for one treatment or $699 for 3 with Amy our Aesthetician. BBL is the best IPL technology currently available. We have ~ 20 years experience with laser and light treatments, more than most in Vegas. I decide on the treatment settings for Amy and me or my partner physician is on site for treatments. A consultation with Amy is free of charge, while I charge $75. If you desire a skin exam or check, your health insurance will cover the cost of this visit and then, we will waive the fee for the cosmetic portion of the consult. By the way, our BBL informational handouts and a video are available on our website. I encourage you to download and review this handout. Thank you for considering us for your cosmetic services. Sincerely, Dr. Strimling

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