Sculptra Las Vegas Event

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Thanks to all who attended our recent “Learn about Sculptra Event”

As those who attended learned, Sculptra is a safe, biodegradable
injectable material used as a deep facial filler to create
a facelift-like result without surgery;
by creating volume and stimulating new collagen.
Injectable Sculptra can be used in lieu of silicon facial implants.

Check out our Special Year End Sculptra Promotion:

$549 / vial (after rebates, must get 3 vials)*
*Pricing effective until rebates are gone or expired.

Call us at (702) 243-6400 to schedule an Sculptra consultation.

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I just moved here from TX and I am looking for a long lasting dermal filler like Sculptra?..It would be for the marionette lines. I have had other fillers before that don’t last and it has been expensive and time consuming.
Thank you!

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