Vaginal Rejuvenation with btl Exilis Ultra Femme 360

Ultra Femme 360 8 minutes that can change your life

Vaginal rejuvenation is a facelift for your vulva and vagina, usually combining vaginoplasty (i.e. tightening of the vaginal opening and canal) and labiaplasty (ie.e labial reduction and or/ lifting) to improve function and appearance for a more refreshed, youthful look and feel.

Bringing a whole new approach to women’s health, the Ultra Femme 360 Procedure provides the shortest non-invasive treatment available for female intimate parts.

What is the Ultra Femme 360 Procedure?

BTL Ultra Femme 360 is a safe, effective, painless, no down-time, non-surgical vaginoplasty and labioplasty. Ultra Femme 360 employs innovative single device radiofrequncy and ultrasound technology to provide complete vaginal rejuvenation by stimulating your body’s natural collagen producing processes to restore vaginal and vulvar tissues to a more youthful state.

The Ultra Femme 360 procedure may or can tighten and raise labia, decrease vaginal opening and canal diameter, improve natural lubrication, sensation and improve intercourse and the intensity or ability to orgasm. Many patients also experience an improvement in urinary stress incontinence.

Scientifically proven, BTL Ultra Femme initial studies demonstrate:

  • 80% of test patients rated improvement in appearance as moderate to excellent.
  • 60% of test patients rated improvement in sexual satisfaction as moderate to excellent and the remaining 40% rated improvement as mild.
Why are people saying “Yes” to the Ultra Femme 360 procedure?
  • Ultra Short – the fastest radiofrequency treatment available (~8 minutes)
  • Ultra Safe – due to heating at lower temperatures than ablative lasers, risks are minimized
  • Ultra Comfortable – most patients report no to minimal discomfort
  • Ultra Result – 360° volumetric heating for faster, safer and more comfortable treatment

Ultra Femme 360 Treatment Areas

Rejuvenation of the entire vagina and vulva, including:

  • Plumping of Majora
  • Lifting and firming of Labia Minora
  • Tightening of Introitus (Vaginal Opening)
  • Tightening of Vaginal Canal
  • Tightening of Perineum
  • Increased Blood Flow to Clitoris
  • Increased Sensitivity & Improved Orgasm
  • Improvement in Stress Incontinence

The labia tighten and raise, the vaginal canal and opening diameter decreases, lubrication improves as does sexual satisfaction. Loose perineal skin after childbirth and urinary stress incontinence can be improved.

How does Exilis Ultra Femme 360 Works?

The goal is to elevate temperature over 40°C in the target tissues. The increased blood flow plays a crucial role in the target tissues. During the Ultra Femme 360 therapy, perfusion in the tissues is significantly increase.

The Ultra Femme 360 Process

Ultra Femme 360 may be used to treat only the external vulva / labia and perineum areas or only the internal vaginal opening and canal or both external and internal tissues consecutively during the same treatment.

After a water-based gel is applied, Exilis operator performed rhythmic movements of the specialized vaginal then, vulvar handpieces deliver pulsed radiofrequency energy to heat the target tissues.

Expect no pain or irritation during or after the treatment, only a warming sensation. The entire procedure is non-invasive and requires no recovery or special after-care instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Exilis Ultra Femme 360?

The ULTRA FEMME 360 is a novel procedure that improves women’s intimate well-being.

Am I a good candidate for Exilis Ultra Femme 360?

This procedure is a great option for women who desire non-surgical improvement of their intimate health.

Is Exilis Ultra Femme 360 safe?

The Exilis Ultra Femme 360 procedure meets strict safety standards. The built-in Energy Flow Control system provides uniform heating during the therapy. Therefore, the treatment is typically without any discomfort, while the optimal amount of energy reaches the target tissue. Non-ablative heating at lower temperatures compared to ablative lasers decreases the risk of infection or discharge.

What does Ultra Femme 360 feel like?  Is it painful?

During the Exilis Ultra Femme 360 vaginal rejuvenation treatment, you will feel a pleasant and comfortable homogenous heating of the treatment areas. Following the treatment, you may notice mild redness and swelling in the treatment area. This usually disappears within a few hours. You may resume normal activity immediately afterwards.

Are there any side effects or down-time?

There is no downtime with Exilis Ultra Femme 360. The entire procedure is non-invasive and requires no recovery time. You can easily have the treatment during your lunch break and return to your daily activities immediately.

How fast will I see results?

Patients have reported improvements after a single treatment session. Results will typically continue to improve after therapy and with additional treatments.  Results may vary.

Please visit Exilis Ultra Femme 360 for more information; including before and after treatment photos.

Please download our Exilis Information & Consent form for more information.

At Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute of Summerlin, Las Vegas, Exillis Ultra Femme 360 vaginal rejuvenation treatments are performed or supervised by our board certified Dermatologists. With over 40 years combined experience, our Dermatologists are among the most experienced cosmetic physicians in Summerlin and Las Vegas, including Henderson, Green Valley and Anthem, Nevada.
Our dermatologists have been voted or selected among the “Best Dermatologists” in Las Vegas and America multiple years. Also, our Dr. Strimling has been selected an “Award Winning Cosmetic Surgeon” multiple years.

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